Attendance Policies


  • Daily attendance is the responsibility of BOTH the students and their parents. Students should get a good night's rest by going to bed early. If they have trouble sleeping, try reading a book, playing background music or meditating. Students should manage their time wisely by prepping materials at night then, setting alarms early enough to get ready on time in the morning. Anticipate obstacles such as traffic, car issues, road closures, weather, bus schedule delays, etc. Each student is responsible to be on time to ALL of their classes.
  • Parents must verify all absences and tardies with the Attendance Office. To report an absence, a parent/guardian must call the school at (619) 362-3850 ext. 3023 or complete the Absence Reporting Form. Any absence not verified within 5 days becomes an unexcused absence. Students with 7 or more tardies and/or excessive absences (excused or unexcused) will be assigned Saturday School. If absences continue, the school will refer the case to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB).
  • All students who leave school for a medical appointment must provide proof of such appointment upon returning to school.
  • Planned absences of 5 days or more require an Independent Study Contract from the Attendance Office at least two weeks prior to the absence. Teachers reserve the right to not assign homework for the duration of the contract resulting in no credit earned. Students must maintain good attendance in order to qualify for an Independent Study Contract.


  • State Law dictates that truancies will not be tolerated. Consequences for truancies include receiving a citation and/or Saturday School. If truancy continues, the school will refer the case to the School Attendance Review Board. Students who are found out of school during school hours without a parent or guardian may be cited to court by a police officer. The fine for the first offense is approximately a $200 fine from court.
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